Santa Claus from used plastic bottle DIY ideas


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    Santa Claus from used plastic bottle DIY ideas in this tutorial the teach you to awesome toys from recycle bottles. Start from head, after each layer, pass glue to be strong. Make at least 3 layers of newspaper, make 2 straws with 1/4 of sheet of newspaper and another 2 with 1/2 sheet, to make broad straw, carefully release to loosen it.

    Santa Claus instruction follows

    Sleeves, cap, give as many coats of paint as needed to cover the parts well. Thin straws, painted white. Broad straws, one black, one white, use the white broad straw to finish the cap, use a thin straw to finish the coat. Sleeves finishing with broad straw, toilet paper and white glue.

    This dough does not measure right and is doughy, make some balls of dough and let it dry a little, mouth, hands, Shoes parts, divide the straw in the middle. Each part will be one foot. Glasses, use 2 pieces of thin wire with 10cm each. Twist the wires and model the ring with the aid of a pen or pencil, Paint the black glasses. Make a ball to be the pompom of the cap. Wait for it to dry slightly. Stick the hands, make a small hole in the pompom.


    1) Large pet bottle
    2) Ceramic pieces or pieces
    3) Newspaper – white glue
    4) Craft paper (2 squares of 20 x 20cm)
    5) Toilet paper
    6) 20cm fine wire
    7) PVA latex paint Red, black and white and skin color

    Start Christmas decoration