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    Pixel dance show is effect of digital technology if you are a lover of contemporary dance or sophisticated 3-D projection mapping here is a video for you. This is a hi-tech dance performance melds human bodies with code the creator saying about his projects are follows.

    Pixel dance show

    This is my “Digital Studio’s” project for the MSc Adatpive Architecture and Computation course at the Bartlett School of Graduate Studies (UCL). (http://www.aac.bartlett.ucl.ac.uk/)

    The project investigates the interaction of a body with a screen through the manipulation of a “pixels” field and the generation of sound. A “pixels dance” is thus generated , translating the gestures of the performer to an evolving visual and music performance.

    The video is divided in three sections, an inspiration section, with video excerpts from projects that inspired me, a development section, which presents the development phases of the project, and a final performance, followed by a live projection and the credits. All the code was written in Processing the music track is “The Man Part One” by Peace Orchestra, but the piano is generated by the midibus library and the Java synthesizer.