get more views free on your youtube vimeo or dailymotion videos

Get more views on YouTube Vimeo and other videos

Get more views on YouTube, Vimeo and other videos GainViews is providing the place to YouTube or Vimeo or others video hosting website’s users to get extra views on their videos which they are uploaded in popular websites. Very simple to adding the videos link in, just copy and paste the video’s URL to box that shows in Add Video page that’s it finish work to get more views for your videos.

Get more views concept

What is the concept of Gain Views? As mention above we are helping the users to get extra views on their videos by adding the video links here and if users prefer, they can singup and add the videos links from any devices to publish.


The popular websites like YouTube, Vimeo or DailyMotion are allowing and providing the facilities to the users to share their videos to other websites or social media website or blogs, regarding this they are getting benefits like extra views and monetization of videos, outside from video hosting sites.

By keeping this mind helping the users to increase the view count of videos on popular video hosting websites. YouTube is a best example, upload videos in YouTube and getting views is not such easy, you need more subscribers and you need more hits and it should be easy visible to the visitors. Millions of videos are uploading on day to day, have to struggle more to get views. So we need to share the video outside without without loosing data.

BENEFITS UPLOAD IN GAIN VIEWS providing the options to sharing the videos without losses of data. After upload your video will be share to Gain Views visitors, it will run as Social Video Sharing Website and as well as reach the users through fan page like Facebook and Google+ and crawl by search engines like Google, Bing and Yandex, regarding these actions your videos will get views count and gradually getting hits to move front page of YouTube or Vimeo.

For those actions the users no need to spend single money, everything is free of cost. Start to post your videos and get extra more views to increase revenue on YouTube.

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