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How to upload videos link in Gain Views

Upload videos link in Gain Views, as we said earlier Gain Views is the place to loop your video other popular video hosting site like YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion etc., regarding this action users can get extra views count for their video of YouTube etc., lets begin to the tutorial.

Gain Views

As earlier we start the Gain Views as video share hosting website. Then, we now change it as Social video sharing network website because social medias are playing vital role in online and more over many users are using such sites. So we decide to help more to Gain Views users, we migrate video hosting website to Video Social Sharing Website. Just add the video links share to your friends, followers to make the video popular.

Upload Videos

Step – 1

After login to gain views, you can start to paste your video links or select theĀ  add video link button on your activity box.

upload youtube videos in gain views

Step – 2

Second step is after paste the video link click on the add link or post update button, your video is now start to display in your activity page.

post update add video link


Step – 3

After posting your video, it will display on your friends and followers activity page same as showing like in Facebook. If your friends or followers may like your video they will share to others by this action you will get more traffic of your videos. Start to add or upload videos in

social video share website


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