How to upload videos link in Gain Views

Upload videos tutorial follows, as we said earlier Gain Views is the place to host new videos or loop your video other popular video hosting site like YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion etc., regarding this action users can get extra views count for their video of YouTube etc., lets begin to the tutorial

Upload Video

Step – 1

After login to gain views, you can start to upload the video by selecting the add video button on top of right corner. Check in below image.

add video button to upload youtube video

Step – 2

Second step is going in to the video upload page, Users must be enter the video title and video description in minimum 100 words is useful to get place in search engine. User can add upto 20 tags on each video.  Select the category one is best, don’t select three or more categories. Example image shown below.

video upload page tutorial for users

Step – 3

After selecting the category start to paste the video link which you are upload in YouTube or Vimeo or Dailymotion and then click save, now video is ready to display or run in Enjoy your video page is ready. Follow the instruction image below.

video link youtube vimeo dailymotion

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